Sarah Jameson

This is the new Sarah Jameson web site; welcome.

I am making this web site as a project for school, so far so good.

I think I am going to pass this class with no problems. At this time I am not exactly sure what I want to post onm the new Sarah Jameson dot com, but this page should satisfy my professor's requirements for publishing with some basic formatting, I look forward to one day adding cool graphics and photos, perhaps I will set up a little blog for the fam to keep up with.

In the meantime, welcome, bookmark my site! It's the second one I've done all by myself!

Check out my new blog - no more myspace or 360 social netwowk blogs for me!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. No I am not related to the infamous Jenna Jameson the porn star.
  2. I will not make a web site for you, or offer any advice as to how to make one, or get one online.
  3. I am not single, or looking for a relationship.

Once again, be sure to read the FAQ before sending me any crazy emails.

Sarah Jameson